"Ibland sover jag på golvet."

Translation:Sometimes I sleep on the floor.

December 23, 2014

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Desperate times require desperate measures! As long as you walk on your bed afterwards....


Ibland sover jag på sängen.

Ibland står jag på huvudet.


What is the difference between "golvet" and "marken"? Does "marken" have to be outdoor?


Yes, marken is the ground outdoors. golvet is man made.


confession bear I always sleep on the floor


Too drunk to reach the bed, orkar hen inte?


I don't understand why the sentence order changes sometimes... if I write "Ibland jag sover på golvet" it would be wrong?


Yes, because of the V2 rule, meaning that the verb wants to be the second part of a sentence. This sentence has four parts: ibland - sover - jag - på golvet. As we see, the verb follows the adverb if we move the adverb to the start of the sentence. If we instead go for a more direct word order, we get jag - sover - ibland - på golvet, where the verb is still in second position. It's even grammatically acceptable to say på golvet - sover - jag - ibland.

Does that clarify and/or exemplify it a bit for you?


What is the difference between "golvet" och "våning" ??


Golvet is the floor that you stand/walk on while in a building.... "I dropped my pen on the floor"

Våning is a level in a building.... "I'm going up to the second floor"

Hope that makes sense!


I can't put "ground"?


No, "golvet" is always a man-made floor.

If you were sleeping on the ground, you would be "på marken", and would be outside.


Mig, när jag är full


But what it feel to put the adverb at the beginning of the sentence, is it the natural way of speaking, or convey some subtle changes in significance


Late answer, but yes, there's a subtle difference in what you communicate. The thing you put first in the sentence is the 'topic', the thing you start out with, usually the thing you're talking about. So very roughly it could be Ibland sover jag på golvet = statement about what sometimes happens while Jag sover på golvet ibland = statement about me.


It is just as in my own mother language. Thanks for the anwer. Sorry for the bad grammar i used.


Andra gånger sover jag på marken


why is "sover" before "jag"

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