"Nu är vi en kommitté"

Translation:Now we are a committee

December 23, 2014

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Thank you Swedish course for teaching me how to spell Committee in English :D Certainly enough letters in there, aren't there...


So many double letters it's almost like committee were Finnish ;)


I usually think that it’s one of those words where you have to double all the consonants, just like Tallinn or ’kassett’.


In English, we have the nightmare of "bookkeeper". Only word that has three pairs of double letters in a row. THAT one looks Finnish.


You forgot about subbookkeeper... but nobody actually uses that word.


Or balloonneer! FOUR doubles! :D


subbookkeeper has four ;)


We would write it pookkeepperi.


I am still recovering from "Skådespelerskorna".


That would be, 'näyttelijättäret' in Finnish.


I think the spelling is indicative of the composition of the body as well


I'm a little confused on this one. I said "Now are we a committee?" because of how the sentence structure reminded me of other questions are written in Swedish. Apparently this is a declaratory sentence but I don't see how that is distinguished other than with punctuation.


To create a direct question, the verb needs to go before the subject. If there is a question word like var, it goes before that: Var bor du? 'Where do you live?' but you can't have adverbs before the verb in a direct question, so there's no ambiguity here, this must be a statement. Är vi en kommitté? 'Are we a committee?' and Varför är vi en kommitté? 'Why are we a committee' would be questions.


Right that much I understand. I guess I meant more so for this specific example. How would you translate my answer, "Are we a committee now?", back into Swedish?


Aha, ok, that would be Är vi en kommitté nu?


Oh gotcha. So am I correct in assuming then that writing that phrase with the 'now' in the beginning of then sentence isn't possible in Swedish?


I'd like this confirmed as well, good question


Is there any leeway when deciding where to place 'nu' in that question? Perhaps after 'Ar', or maybe after 'vi' ?


I am using Swedish on a Turkish keyboard (QWERTY) and cannot figure out how to type the letter "é". I have checked some Swedish keyboard layouts out but still could not find it. Could anyone tell me how to do it? I know this is a petty problem, but it is rather frustrating for me! :D


That depends on your operating system:

Linux, type Shift-AltGr-', then e. AltGr is the right Alt key. I changed the "compose key" to the Windows key.
Mac, type option-', then e.
Windows, type 0233 while holding Alt.


I am using Windows, and the last one worked, thanks a lot!


On a Swedish layout, we first press the key to the left of backspace (for the acute accent), and then the E. Does that help?


Oh, that is my bad! I have just realized by chance that I had mistaken spacebar for backspace (I know, that's silly :D) and saw that it does work on my keyboard, too! And it is a lot easier! Tack igen!


This does not work for me, Zmrzlina. I had thought you had an individual key for it, too. Thanks by the way :)


No, for me it doesn´t. I have Windows 10 with Mac keyboard (because it type on it so nice). I am using a Swedish keyboard layout, can type "blind" on it (as well other languages like Russian/Dutch/English) and wondering why Swedes, while using the é not implemented it in the keyboard layout?! If this letter always existed why the standard keyboard layout still avoiding it? By the way, on swedish online keyboard https://www.branah.com/swedish this letter doesn´t even exists... :(


In French you have them all!


Is this a joke? Like, is this something a person might say when they notice six or seven people have gathered and joined in a conversation?


Maybe? Idk :) I put "now we are one committee" to see if it would work. That would either describe the merging of several committees or describe newly discovered unity amongst formerly divided members.


Is é used in Swedish? I saw é in French sentences.


are kommitté and allé borrowed from french ? or is "é" common in swedish ? i haven't seen it anywhere else than these two words :o


"I am not a committee!" Heehee


What is "now are we a committee"? I don't think this course ever covers that.

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