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  5. "Det er fordi han spiser kød."

"Det er fordi han spiser kød."

Translation:It is because he eats meat.

December 23, 2014



Er han ikke vegetar?


Desværre er han ikke.


The sound wouldn't play for me. I clicked all the buttons several times but I didn't hear anything. But seeing as I'm the only one who commented this, it's probably a problem with my computer or internet connection...


It happens on and off to everyone, I think. I've lost a few good attempts at a level because the sound broke. Chances are the plugin supplying the sound (HTML, Flash, Javascript, PHP, whatever it is) fails to load every so often, producing the glitch.

It's probably a server-side error (sloppy scripting or a badly organised pipeline between the sound files and the server and the internet), which means it occurs regardless of your connection. It wouldn't surprise me, that said, if the glitch also occurred client-side. I think we'd need to ask @Bjarkehs for more or better information.


Try to update the app or your browser if you're having trouble. BTW why can't we say "this" ?


I have the same question about "det"


What is the meaning of this sentence? When you can use it in real life?


For instance, you can use it when someone got gout


Could this sentence be translated as "It is why he eats meat"?


I translated it like that, but apparently it is not correct.. Does anybody know why?


"fordi" means "because". "why" is the opposite of "because".
Let's say I replace "it" with "I am buying meat." I can say "I am buying meat, because he eats meat." but I could not say "I am buying meat why he eats meat." The fact that he eats meat is why I buy meat and not the other way around.

I know in some languages "because" and "why" look similar, but they usually have some small difference, for example: "Por qué" is "why" in Spanish and "porque" is "because".

I think that would be "Det er derfor, han spiser kød." or "Det er grunden til han spiser kød." ("grunden til" = "the reason for") https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/fordi

http://ordnet.dk/ddo/ordbog?query=derfor http://ordnet.dk/ddo/ordbog?query=fordi

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