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  5. "Het bos is groen."

"Het bos is groen."

Translation:The forest is green.

December 23, 2014



In the UK, most people would colloquially use the term "wood" and "forest" interchangeably. If we were to stop and think about it, a forest would be defined as being larger and possibly wilder.


I've used "bos" for wood, the kind where there are lots of trees. Not "hout" sort of wood. A forest is a big wood. Does Dutch differentiate between wood and forest and in which case what is the Dutch for the smaller forest?


In Spanish, we call the forest "bosque". In French, wood is "bois". Woods in Persian is بیشه‎ (biše). Bush, bos, bosque, bois and بیشه‎ (biše) are related words. The Romance cognates are Germanic loans, by the way.

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