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  5. "Níor rith mé le déanaí."

"Níor rith le déanaí."

Translation:I did not run recently.

December 23, 2014



This may be covered in a later lesson, but how would you say 'I have not run recently'?


I think that 'I have not run recently' is a good English translation for 'níor rith mé le déanaí', although it is not accepted. Very often English uses the perfect tense where Irish uses the direct past.


That’s a sentence in the present perfect tense, which I don’t think is covered in the lessons here yet. A good explanation for the Irish equivalent of the perfect can be found here — note the differences between when the perfect can be used in English vs. when it can be used in Irish.


Is ' I haven't run in a long time' incorrect here

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níor rith me le fada or níor rith mé le tamall fada would be better translations of "I haven't run for/in a long time", though you could also use more informal expressions like leis na cianta ("in ages") or le haois asail ("in donkey's years").

le déanaí is related to déanach - "late" or "latter", so "lately" or "recently" is a fairly direct translation.


Great explanation, thank you.

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