Hello, everybody! This is an amazing way to learn English, I'm in love with it :)

July 19, 2013

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hi Bianca, you are very beautiful.

you know which site to chat in English online?

well, I've heard about emule or something like that, but I've never used it.

So what did you already learned here in Duolingo? :)

well, I've graduated in English last year and duolingo is a great tool, and I can refresh all the subject and practise too :D

hello add me pleaase

Hi, I love english.

Hi! This is great, so do I :)

hahaha hi people.... I have the way it doesn

i agree with you

Hello, Bianca!

Hello Bianca Ferro

how are you, Bianca? I'm student of English, and I live in São Paulo, What about you?

I'm fine! I graduated in English last year. I'm from Maceió. Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you too! You live in a great city. Maceió is very beautiful......beach, sun, nature...

oh, thanks! Actually, I love my city, it' s an amazing place to live really :) And you live in a great city too, a large and interesting city :D

Without portuguese here guys.I'm crazy to write in portuguese too. rsrs

Agreed! It's funnier and easier to learn English in this way! Just talk in English everyone :)

hi! what is you facebook?

Hi, Lucas! Did you talk to me or to everyone? haha

for you!! rsrs :) where are you from?

haha okay, I'm from Maceió, and you?

I'm from Floriano, Piauí :)

Hi =) I'm in love with it, too!! Mainly because it is necessary !

Hi :) yeah, you're right. At least we can learn through so many funny ways like songs, movies, tv shows..

Hi, Bianca. How are you?

Hey! I'm fine and you?

Very well, thank you. Where are you from?

:) I'm from Maceió, and you?

I'm from Maceió too. :) What neighborhood do you live ?

what a coincidence! Barro Duro and you?

Hi, i am woman. I begning study english, today.

that's great! So, welcome! :)

Hi, Bianca How are you? how well you speak English, I need practice my English. We would practice and learn together. What about it? Bye.

Hi, I'm great and you? Thanks :) Sure, good idea, bye.

I am from Santo André - São Paulo. You know the blog inglesnapontadalingua, go there and enjoy it. Bye.

Cool, I'll check it out later. Thanks for your tip :)

Bianca. And yours? Jobson? haha


How are you today?

I'm great, and you?

I'm from Maceió, and you?

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