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"Utsikten från vårt rum är vacker."

Translation:The view from our room is beautiful.

December 23, 2014



Isn't "sight" the same thing? Or is it different in this case?


No, view is a very accurate translation of utsikt.


I'm thinking of sight more as "sikt", That is how far you can see.

"It would have been a great view from the mountain but the sight was terrible due to the bad weather." - "Det skulle ha varit en fantastisk utsikt från berget men sikten var hemskt på grund av det dåliga vädret."

However I'm not a native English speaker so I may be wrong about the difference in English.


"It would have been a great view from the mountain but the visibility was terrible due to the bad weather."

"It would have been a great view from the mountain but I forgot my glasses and my sight is terrible without them."


A different question...... Is it ok to translate vacker as anything other than beautiful? Lovely is what I have in mind as we use it a lot in English. But maybe there is another swedish word that exactly means lovely?


I think underbar is a much better translation for lovely. The thing about vacker is that it really refers to how something looks. pretty is another accepted translation that I usually use myself when practicing just because it is easier to type :)


What about gorgeous?


"Lovely" is an exacty synonym for "beautiful" and should be accepted. Reported 25.2.17


Well, maybe not exact, but close enough. Added that now.


Is ''vacker'' used here because it refers to ''utsikten''?


Yes, exactly.

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