Translation:The coffee

December 23, 2014



Correct pronunciation here: http://sv.forvo.com/search-sv/kaffet/

Edit: The old TTS pronounced this word wrong. The new one says it very well, but you can still listen to the native speaker in the link and compare if you wish. 2015-05-08


Why en sometimes but et here for "the"?


Actually that is kind of tricky! You could say both "kaffen" and "kaffet". Both are correct, but when you say "kaffen" you are actually referring to "the cup of coffee" and not the liquid drink itself. Or did you mean why "the" can be translated as both "en" and "et" in the end of a definite word? It's easier to explain because it is the same as the article: Ett bord -> bordet (a table / the table), Ett ljus -> ljuset (a candle / the candle) En stol -> stolen (a chair / the chair), En soffa -> soffan (a sofa / the sofa). Have I answered your question?


Tack! I was kinda confused on the plural but that cleared it up


"Kaffen" can also be plural and mean several kinds of coffees.


@ arnauti ... my question is same as to kristopher... what is logic to use "et" and "en" for "the"


This is one of the few cases where Swedish grammar isn't logical. Some words have en, some have ett. Basically you just have to learn the gender for each word, but there are some tendencies, see here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6329293


It's basically the same as "De" and "Het" in Dutch. It's odd, but you just have to learn it that way


So we have to put after the noun "en" or "et; it depends of the noun's gender? For exemple if we say "ett barn", we will have "barnet" and not "barnen" because the article in front of the noun is "ett" ?


How do you say "the cafe"?


kaféet (ett kafé)


Is this pronounced like café in English


i just wrote "coffee"


tip:if there are 4 more words left when you finish then it's right

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