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  5. "Hur många konton har du?"

"Hur många konton har du?"

Translation:How many accounts do you have?

December 23, 2014



Is this a definite plural (i.e. the same word as "ett konto")? Because I though you would say "hur många barn har du?" (how many children do you have) rather than "hur många barnen har du?".


This is indefinite plural. Definite plural is kontona.


Thanks. I looked it up and I understand now: ett words ending in a vowel have the -n plural, and ett words ending in a consonant have no ending in the plural


Thanks for this explanation. I was breaking my head trying to understand that -n added at the end of "konto". Have a lingot.


Does 'konto' only/primarily refer to 'bank account'? I linked it to the German word, which is also Konto :)


It can be accounts on social media as well.


just like in german, actually: das emailkonto, das facebook-konto, etc. it also covers budget accounts in companies, for examples (just like in german...).


why is "how many accounts have you" not accepted


That sounds archaic in English. One would always say "... do you have" unless it was required for poetry or something. Less educatedly, but commonly enough, you may also hear "... have you got."


Is this word related to "kontor"="office" or is it a coincidence?


Yes, they're related. Both ultimately come from Latin computare, which has given loads of modern words to many languages. The konto meaning is through the Italian word for counting, and kontor is from a French word for "counting desk" which turned into a meaning of "trade office".


Can it be an account as in a story?

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