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"Den sjunde boken är den sista."

Translation:The seventh book is the last.

December 23, 2014



Du är en trollkarl, Harry.


LOL I TOTALLY thought of Harry Potter, too, and I'm just a casual fan.


I also thought about Harry Potter and i havent read a book or watched any film of Harry potter in my life.


"Troll-man"? Interesting word!


nej, den mörka tornet :)


eller Sagan om is och eld


Sure it is, George. Sure it is.


Let's just get the sixth sorted out before we start worrying about the seventh.


Nice! Great to see that someone caught my drift. You made my day. :-)


I came hoping for a GoT reference, wasn't disappointed


Everyone in the world knows THE series with seven books is Harry Potter, haha


Elsewhere, 'the fifth wheel' was 'femte hjulet', and a native speaker observed that this could not take an article; 'det femte hjulet' was not correct, according to him or her. So why is it 'den sjunde boken' instead of just 'sjunde boken'?


The question I had just before this was "hon är i sjude månader".. I'm a tad confused as well


Normally we always need an article with adjective + determinate noun. With ordinals however, it is easier to leave the article out. I don't really know any exact rules for this, but it seems that it's more natural to leave the article out later in the sentence, but not at the start of a sentence. I can accept Hon är i den sjunde månaden and Det är den andra gången [and those answers are accepted there] although they are clearly better without the article, but if you skip the article in the above sentence, it sounds ungrammatical to me.

femte hjulet is more of a name-like concept, just like tredje mannen – I think those fall into the Vita huset = The White House category where we don't use the article for things that are names or have a status that is close to that.


Ha brilliant, a subtle reference to The Chronicles Of Narnia ;)


Am I the only person who totally thinks this is referring to the original seven Harry Potter books?


This resonates with me as I'm currently about halfway through the Harry Potter books again. I should get Swedish copies of them...


I remember having read that when you build a sentence with definite article + adjective + noun the adjective ends with "a". Why does "sjunde" end with "e"? Shouldn't it be "Den sjunda boken"?


For ordinals, only första and andra inflect – you can say den förste and den andre about masculine nouns (but you don't have to). The rest of these words only have one form each. So it's tredje, fjärde, femte, sjätte, sjunde, åttonde, nionde, tionde (3rd - 10th) and they all just have one form each.


Oh, that's easy! Tack för svaret!


Difference between "förra" and "sista"?


Förra: last as in previous. Sista: last as in final.


Death to Voldemort!


How would you say in Swedish: "The seventh book is the latest" (assuming there might be an eight)?


Talking about books, vet du någon bok på lätt svenska??

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