"Skorna är mina."

Translation:The shoes are mine.

December 23, 2014

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My favorite Michael Jackson / Paul McCartney song


I never hear the är. Is it just said too quickly and if i say it like slowly so its heard will it sound weird?


From what I understand in normal speech Swedes will say it more like eh and you will barely hear it.


Can är be used as are and is?


Yes English is so complicated. Glad it's my first language.


TBF a lot of romantic languages conjugate to be.


English isn't complicated! Heck. We have one way to say "you" and one way to say. "Your". Our adjectives don't change for 'gender' or 'number'. We have it 'made in the shade' (easy).


You have two ways of saying "your":

  • this is your towel
  • this towel is yours

And although they're not accepted in normal modern English writing, English has loads of words for "you" and "your" that natives speakers all know and might be expected to encounter in e.g. slang, literature, or dialect: y'all, yer, thine, youse, ye, thou, and so on, and so forth.


Can someone please write the variations for a shoe, the shoe, shoes and the shoes. Thanks


En sko, skon, skor, skorna.


Is min = my and mina = mine?


No, min is if you have one of something, and mina is if you have more than one of something.


Sorry I'm not a native speaker, but in which cases is it different to what the original poster said? Isn't "mine" for plurals?


You could say, "Jag älskar mina hundar." It wouldnt translate to "I love mine dogs", but rather "I love my dogs".

Conversely, you could also say, "Jag älskar min katt" and it would still translate to "I love my cat".


I'm having a hard time hearing her pronounce the r in skorna - it almost sounds like she is saying Skåne or skona to me. Is anyone else hearing that? Is the r sound particularly light before nasal consonants or is that just this word?


R tends to merge with a following consonant to vecome retroflex - meaning in this case, the rn is pronounced like an n with the tip of the tongue curled back a bit. It also happens with t, d, l and s ... in the case of rs, this makes a kind of thick "sh" sound. This even happens across word boundaries, so Vi talar svenska can sound a bit like "Vi tala shvenska."


Duo doesn't accept: The shoes belong to me. Why?


"belong" is tillhör(a).


Why isn't Skorna pronounced the same as Sked or Sköldpadda? They all have S,k and vowel..??


k is soft before e, i, y, ä, ö.

k is hard before a, o, u, å.

This applies to stressed syllables and has only few exceptions.


"The hoes are mine" doesn't work.

Better typo acceptance pls.


is mina a loanword from finnish?


I think it's related to the same "m" pattern you see in a lot of Indo-European languages--"my" in English, moi/ma in French, mio/mia in Italian, mijn in Dutch, mein in German, моя/моё/мой" in Russian...even in Welsh, fy is a mutated form of "mi" ("me/I").


And "mine" in English?

[deactivated user]

    Doesn't skon also mean the shoes?


    No, it means "the shoe". One singular shoe.


    Why is it not skoarna?


    sko is a first-declension noun, so it follows that pattern, while e.g. bro belongs to the second declension and thus is broarna in the plural definite.


    I don't understand why I can't say the shoe is mine?

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