"Det här rödvinet smakar lök."

Translation:This red wine tastes like onions.

December 23, 2014

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Darn, I was expecting some comments joking about the wine that tastes like onions! :P


Frestelen är stor. And I don't mean Janssons. It's awful, the jokes. I try hard not to, really hard, but some days I spend three times the time thinking upjokes about some of these sentences as I do going through them. I think I must have spent 3 hours häromdagen writing a whole story på dåligt Svenska based on "Jag har en gula osthyvel". (Guy walks into a bar, see, uses it as a sure-fire pick-up line......) Anyway, the important thing thing is just to learn the language, hopefully irritating as few people as possible in the process. At least that's what I tell myself.


Well if it's any consolation:

  1. I love your Svensklish
  2. Now we know what häromdagen is, a useful term, and have been reminded about osthyvels, a little bit less useful.
  3. Everyone can choose how quickly to go through the lessons. The grammar points in the discussions can be really helpful and a little comic relief and social interactions are part of what makes Duolingo so special!


Well. it mean the wine is made from garlic, and it is eaten for sick people.

Please/: Drink this wine with a tomato soup and then go to sleep!


so... is it possible for wine to taste like onions?


If you read wine reviews, you'll see descriptions of wine having flavours of fennel, olives, bitumen, salami, and all sorts of other things. Although, a wine that tasted predominantly of onions would probably not be well regarded.


Recently I had a wine that tasted like a mix of strawberry, banana and a little bit of cherry. Turned out they actually gave me a smoothie..


I think you'd probably had enough anyway if you didn't immediately realise it wasn't wine.


Fa jag sagar 'det har vinet smakar som lok', eller 'det har vinet smakar av lok'?


Yes, som or av are accepted.


"smakar som lök" and "smakar lök" would be correct but "smakar av lök" is not. It is not grammatically incorrect but it is just that nobody would ever say it that way.


Perhaps you wouldn't, but it's not universally discouraged.


OK, so I expected this to be 'det här röda vinet', so I am really confused. Especially since a red wine is 'ett rött vin'.


That works too (and it's an accepted translation when translating from English into Swedish), but we have a lot of compound words and they're created according to their own logic. It's rödvin and vitvin as compound words, but ett rött vin and ett vitt vin when we use separate words.


So I'm assuming there's no point having 'som' before 'lök'? Smakar can be followed by both an adjective, as well as a noun?


Correct. :) There is a slight difference which is mostly irrelevant:

  • smakar som x = tastes like x
  • smakar x = tastes of x


i am confused about this. the correct answer above is tastes like (no som). A prior example, " såsen smakade för mycket vitlök" was marked incorrect "tasted like."


I just looked that sentence up, and we actually do accept "tasted too much like" there.


tack igen. my favorite parts of duolingo are the comments and your contributions !


I think my English translation got marked wrong just because I used the singular "onion" instead of "onions." As a native speaker, I'd argue both are equally fine and expected.


We actually do accept "onion" equally, so if you were marked wrong for that, there was a bug.


As native I would say that the Swedish sentence is quite normal here. I forgot to translate lol... think I could have written This red wine has a taste of onion.


but really, some one tell me - CAN wine taste like onion, and is it made purposefully as medicinal or cooking? or by accident??


I did some googling for "onion wine", and apparently that is a thing.


In croatian lök is luk


I was thinking the same thing, turns out ot was mom's onion soup.


I was going to comment something, but I forgot it. I'm still shocked since I know there are wines that taste like onions :/


i wonder what kind of wine it is and is it good one or bad one


So smakar is less tastes and more tastes of or tastes like.

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