"Varför har hon så långa armar?"

Translation:Why does she have such long arms?

December 23, 2014

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I guess we’ll never know.


Maybe she has Marfan syndrome


Why is “why does she have so long arms?” wrong?


That's definitely correct. I'm adding that now.


It doesn't sound quite right, devalanteriel. so in this adjectival phrase doesn't work.

You can say things like Why does she have so much hair/so many freckles?

And of course long can be used in a predicative manner, as in Why are her arms so long?

so long as a set phrase meaning see you soon works, too.

But in the sentence at hand so long arms simply doesn't sound right.


Is "så" an abbreviation for "sådan"? Could "sådan" be used instead, and would it change the meaning of the question?


No, is a word of its own. English can use "such" in basically the same sense as "so" here, but Swedish sådana doesn't quite work as a substitute. You'd be understood but people would think it sounds quaint, or off.

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