"Ele não pode beber nem mesmo um gole de cerveja."

Translation:He cannot drink even a sip of beer.

July 19, 2013

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Why is this in the sport skill? Is drinking a sport now?


As an Australian how can you question it? I thought Bob Hawke once held the world record for downing a yard of ale.


Some people here say they practice "Levantamento de copo" haha :)


Isn't a gulp closer to a "gole"? Um gole is like One swallow, and comes from the sound it makes as you take one. A sip is a golinho (more like molhar a língua). I'm reporting that they should at least accept it as well, assuming "gulp" is an existing English word (I am a native Portuguese speaker, but I have an American here agreeing with me--but I am open to other opinions). =)

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