word training

I trained the words by review flashcards. All the words I did not know get afterwards a 'Still strong'. This is not helpful. I need to practice these words.

Can these words get a 'pretty good' or even a 'Time to pracice', please. I know you say 'still strong' is only the hint, that I had contact with the word not far ago, but it is more helpful to say I know the word already 'good' or 'not good'.

I wish I get a word-training like those in training-boxes. A box has 5 smaller boxes inside. All words come into the middle box 3, if I know the word I it switch into box 2, if I don't know the word it get in box 4. Then I repeat the game, a card of box 4 move forward if I know the word and backward if not. When a word arrives in box 1 I don't need to repeat it for a longer time. An extra wish is, that I would like to choose the words I want to train.

Celebrate Chrismas! :-) I know it will take a long time, until my wish will become true.

December 23, 2014


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