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  5. "Dagens ungdom"

"Dagens ungdom"

Translation:The youth of today

December 23, 2014



Why not "the day's youth"?


I have the same problem, and I'd really like to know too. Maybe it's an english problem, nevertheless it needs to be explained ;)


I'd also like an explanation.


I'd also like an explanation.


Why not "idags"?


I dag is an adverb so it cannot take a possessive form. You need to use dag (day) which is a noun.


Good to know. Thanks!


Does this mean "in the morning" or "early in today"?


Neither. It refers to the young people of today.


Tack! That is clear.


So "idag" means "today(this day)" and "dagen" means "today(present era)" ?


There are many expressions where i dag also means 'the present era', like, I dag lever många par tillsammans utan att vara gifta ('Today many couples live together without being married'). It's rather that when we need to create a genitive of that, we can say av i dag, but we don't really like that, it sounds a bit old-fashioned, so we prefer to have a real -s genitive, and we can't form one from i dag, so we have to resort to dagens.

It is quite possible to say Ungdomen av i dag too, and of course saying Dagens ungdom will also make you sound old-fashioned, the whole expression will do that because of what it means, but we really like to have a genitive expression rather than an av construction.


Tack och har en lingot!


What does this phrase mean


I tried "The days of youth" as a guess and got that wrong, I thought it was close, but not quite right apparently.


I have the same question as some other people. Why not the day's youth?


Whoops sorry for triple posting. My phone glitched out and refused to show me my messages so I thought it didn't post them for some reason. Mods can remove my double messages, for some reason my phone refuses to do that too. Sorry again!


Where is the definitive in "dagens ungdom" that would make "youth of today" incorrect? It specifically mentioned that i was missing the definitive article, but even though it is axiomatically correct, it isn't specified in the swedish sentence.


Why is "Youth of the day" incorrect?

[deactivated user]

    The day's youth should be accepted, not only is it a more literal translation; it's a correct one.

    The day = today in many English dialects and needs to be added as a translation here.

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