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  5. "Någon behöver dig."

"Någon behöver dig."

Translation:Somebody needs you.

December 23, 2014



This word is going to cause me trouble, lol, To my ears it sounds like no one. :/


Någon vill ha dig
Någon behöver dig
Någon drömmar om dig varje natt
Någon kan inte andas... det är ensamt utan dig
Någon hoppas ett en dag, du kommer att se
Någon är jag...

Presenting to you... the Swedish Enrique I know of xD


I haven't understood the difference between Vem Som Helst and Någon yet. Can someone help me?


Vem som helst = Anyone

Någon = Someone


Tack för din hjälp!


Is there a difference between Någon\Något and Nån\Nåt? or is it just a shortened version of the same word?


Yes, they're shortened colloquial versions common in speech. Stick to någon/något in writing.


I kept coming across ngn in an ordbok and was terribly confused because it was not listed as a förkortning nor as an entry. Took me ages to figure it out!


How would you say Noone needs you?


"Ingen behöver dig."


That makes sense, tack! I still get those confused :(


I though Någon means anybody. can someone please summarize the meaning of någon, något, några, ingen and inget? I believe the tips at the start of this section do not look sufficient at all


Just a quick tip: normally, någon only translates to anybody in questions. (this is just a rule of thumb)

Någon är här 'Someone is here'
Är det någon här 'Is there anyone here?'


I keep mishearing "dig" for "det." Anyone else?


They sound, if not the same, at least similar...also depending how loud the bot says it. I want to know what vanessachanice hears.


So: Någon, något, några are the one word in the three standard forms? And mean 'any' in a bit of a loose way, including anything, and even works as an impersonal form of 'someone'?


I'm confused about this as well, seeing as my notes say något/någoting translates to nothing


någon/något/några corresponds to both some and any, and ingen/inget/inga is nothing.

Någon on its own means someone, ingen on its own means nobody.


Sounds like no one.


Somebody dreams about you every single night, that somebodys me


In the previous phrase, "Jag litar inte på någon" meant "I don't trust anyone". Why was "vem som helst" not used there? How can någon mean both "anyone" and "someone"? There's a big difference between the two.


I’m going to guess it’s like saying logically “a body”, in some contexts either would work.

Edit: I think någon derives from a phrase meaning something like “I know not who” - the usage in Swedish accords with this sense, I do think.

The key would be that it is unspecified who, different from var som helst. Can anyone Swedish pitch in?


If you say "jag litar inte på vem som helst", then there are people you trust but they can't be just anyone.

If you say "jag litar inte på någon", then there is no one you trust.


Why isn't it "anybody needs you"?

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