"Et minut er ikke en time."

Translation:A minute is not an hour.

December 23, 2014

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Tell that to my girlfriend.


Haha! I get it!

In one of the later skills, one of the exercises says 'Et minut er ligesom en time.' Or something of the sort.


Wow really? That's confusing. Make up your mind Duo!


Think about it...aint is supposed to be a contraction. What words are being contracted? Noone knows so that is probably a reason the word is deemed not standard. "Aint aint a word so you aint gonna use it!" Lol


Aint is like saying "isn't" with a silent s.

It's a contraction of "is not"


Yes, that's right xD


why can't you say "a minute ain't an hour" makes perfect sense to me


"Ain't" is both extremely colloquial and ambiguous. According to Wikipedia, "its use is generally considered non-standard by dictionaries and style guides".


how is it any more ambiguous than "isn't" and "haven't" i don't give a shit about what a dictionary says, it matters how people speak the language, not about how professionals say you should speak the language


It isn't more ambiguous than "isn't" or "haven't", but its ambiguity is caused by the very fact that it could mean either. Translating from one language to another tends to be tricky enough, I don't see why it should be made even worse by introducing non-standard grammar (which I don't think "ain't" would be considered if its use was so common). Apparently there's no such form in Danish, therefore in my opinion the most accurate translation should be used, so that the system can tell that you actually meant "isn't", not "haven't". And "ain't" isn't even shorter.

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