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I believe it was le temps before, yet now it is les temps

Maybe I've gone crazy, but I've thought that it was le temps previously ...

November 1, 2012



The weather is always "le temps", singular. Time is a bit harder but similar to English. "Le temps qui passe", the time which passes, singular. For particular periods, e.g. "les lemps anciens", ancient times, plural as in English. The only exception that I know, but there may be others, is "le bon vieux temps", singular, where I would use "good old timeS", plural, in English. Hope this helps.


Les temps then is ... the times ... ?


Yes, "les temps" can mean "the times" in the sense of a period of time. "Les temps modernes" - modern times, "les temps difficiles" - the hard times.


And MANY TIMES as in plusieurs de temps?


I would use "fois" or "reprises" to translate "times" when it means separate occasions. (I don't remember ever hearing "plusieurs de temps" but there is "en plusieurs temps", meaning in several time periods, or by stages.)

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