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Sound problem

When I click on the speaker icon, there is no sound. I cannot continue the session.

November 1, 2012



I too am having sound problems with this program. There is a fundamental problem with the software on this program.


I have been experiencing sound problems as well. I cannot hear anything in duolingo and when I follow the suggestions, they do not work. I've logged out, closed the browser numerous times and still nothing. Sound works in every other program on my computer and my husband's computer - just not duolingo.


ya mine is not working either so this is retarded


I have to bump this discussion up. I too am having this problem - no sound at all on Duolingo. It only started today and this has been the first time I have experienced this problem. Nothing seems to be working. Has anyone else discovered a solution?


My sound in Duolingo suddenly went bad today and has not recovered. I have tried all the suggestions and have rebooted my computer a few times. This issue only affects Duolingo. Sound in other programs is fine.


The sound from Duolingo through my computer speakers in incomprehensible but works perfectly with all other programs. However if I listen to the Duolingo audio through bluetooth headphones, it is perfect. This must tell us something


when I start a lesson the sound is ok but later there is no sound at all

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