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"Niemand in zijn klas is sneller dan hij."

Translation:Nobody in his class is faster than him.

December 23, 2014



Wat is verkeerd met "Niemand in zijn klas is sneller dan hem"? Waarom is het beter om hij te gebruiken?


Because you can place a finite verb after it. So you have to use 'hij'. (Niemand in zijn klas is sneller dan hij is.) Note that in English, you have to do that too, but nowadays, 'him' is accepted as well. In Dutch however, it is not. :)


Him might be accepted in most English demographic areas... but those concerned with proper English would use "He" and not "Him", for the precise reason you cite above, xMerrie. The "He" is viewed as the subject of the elliptical clause: "He is"


I know, and there is nothing wrong with that either! :)


"... faster than HE." Never him. Please fix this.


The "than him/her" error is a common problem with the English throughout this course, with the literal translation to Dutch being wrong.

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