"Das ist die Bushaltestelle."

Translation:That is the bus stop.

July 19, 2013



I don't understand what is the problem with this translation: "That is the bus station".

October 10, 2013


It refers to a bus stop, not a bus station.

October 14, 2013


I actually figured that a non-native English speaker may easily come to confuse the two terms :) Station is used for both in my native language. Tnx anyway!

October 15, 2013


Bus stop and bus station are two different things. A bus stop (eine Bushaltestelle) are locations in a city to pick up and drop off people at either a booth or just a bench. A bus station (ein Busbahnhof) is a building where operations, information, etc. is in the city, usually one location.

February 18, 2015


In Italian we have "fermata dell'autobus" (Bushaltestelle / bus stop) and "stazione degli autobus" (Busbahnhof / bus station). The "stazione degli autobus" (also: "stazione dei pullman") is where one can take long distance busses, like from one city to the other.

Is that also the meaning of a Busbahnhof too?

September 21, 2017


Same in my native language

Station is used for both too.

February 5, 2016


Also in my native language the two terms are referred to as "station".

February 8, 2017


Bushaltestelle from three words(I think so)from bus-halte-stelle.Answer this question"Give the meaning of every word(bus-halts-stelle)"

February 14, 2014


bus=bus; halte=stop(verb); stelle=place. Bushaltestelle=A place to stop the bus

August 16, 2014


Thanks! Imho every long word should have an explanation like this so we can memorize it better

October 29, 2018


Thank you :)

October 12, 2014


It's Compound of Bus "bus" + (an)halten "hold/stop" + Stelle "place/location".



May 23, 2015


Can "das" be translated as "this", and "that"? How do I know which is?

February 6, 2014


Context, mostly. The only difference between "this" and "that" in English, really, is how far away the thing is from you; they both refer to a particular object, specified either in an earlier sentence or by somebody pointing at it. German doesn't see the need to distinguish between these things, so they only have one word for it.

May 20, 2019


Do native speakers ever say just "Bushalt" ?

June 11, 2015


No. We say:

"Haltestelle" (when you are in the Bus, asking for the next Stop)

some ask. (was ist die naechste station?)

in some areas the driver or the automated voice says: -naechster Halt: "Olympiastadion"

"Bushaltestelle" (when is needs to be specified)

Never heard "Bushalt". (but in the German Language you can create your own compound substantives, as long as they make sense. :-)

July 12, 2015


interestingly enough, in Dutch they say "bushalte"

July 13, 2018


It didn't accept 'That is the bus stop'. I had to type 'That is THAT bus stop for it to accept.

June 16, 2017


Writing bus stop in German is hard

September 3, 2015


Bus- halte - stelle :)))..

September 4, 2015


Do they have abreviations like "that's" in german

February 13, 2017


There are quite a few contractions in German, but they contract different things from English.

For example, zum is a contraction of zu dem (even though English doesn't have a contraction "tothe").

So there's no contraction dasist in German just because "that's" has a contraction in English. (Well, at least there's no contraction in standard written German; colloquial spoken German does have a contraction available there.)

July 14, 2017


Why not 'this is the bus stop ' Das is often - this!

December 27, 2017


"This is the bus stop" is one of the accepted alternatives.

December 28, 2017
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