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  5. "Your cats drink water."

"Your cats drink water."

Translation:Dina katter dricker vatten.

December 24, 2014



So, when do you use Dina and when do you use Era?


Dina is for when one "you" owns many things, era for when many "you"s own many things. Since "you" is ambiguous in English, both can be used in this case.


So, if I'm talking to John Smith, "dina katter" would mean specifically John Smith's cats, whereas "era katter" would mean the Smith family's cats?


The usual "plural you" example I heard in language classes is "y'all". As a northerner I refuse to say it aloud, but mentally it helps organize things :)


Another I'd like to add to this for non-Southerners:

Era katter = Your guys's cats.


The plural "You" should be unambiguated: perhaps "yinz" (from Pittsburgh) or "yous" (from New York). I'm sure that these regionalisms came from persons who spoke languages other than English, were horrified by the slitheriness of English you and decided to resolve the problem.


Wonderful how I'm learning new English whilst learning Swedish. Thanks y'all


This is the best explanation for the regionalized use of plural "you"s I've heard!


I take it that era is for en words and ert is for ett words when using the plural you? I hope that makes sense, it's hard to explain.

  • er for en-words
  • ert for ett-words
  • era for plurals


I thought cats drank mostly milk but ok


Just like everyone else, including people, we only drink milk the moment we get it from our mothers. When you give milk to an adult cat, it is bothered by intestinal problems and diarrhea. That is why there are producers who make special cat milk for people who think that cats need milk, from which they will get no problems. When cats are adults, they only live on meat because they are carnivores. People are omnivores and drink milk because we like it, and because too much is produced, we don't really need it. This is the same as monkey eating bananas, monkeys do not naturally eat bananas, which do not grow in the places where they live. For example, chimpanzees are omnivorous and much more dangerous to us than gorillas who are mainly vegetarians, but a chimpanzee like King Kong is of course much less impressive.

There are people who cannot tolerate milk (lactose). They can be helped. But in fact you have to turn it around, our body has changed over time, so we can tolerate lactose.

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