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Special action on often failed words and concepts

I'm sure this suggestion has arisen before, but since I've failed to see it/find it, I'll post this discussion.

I'd like to see words, or concepts, such as conjunctions, which I fail at often be saved in a database in order to be able to identify these mistakes as well as practise those parts more.

Would others like to see similar functions? Or does someone perhaps have a better idea of a implementation?

July 19, 2013



Hi everyone! Thank you for your suggestions. They have all been noted. So you know, the Duolingo team does look at the discussion threads all the time, and we consider a lot of these ideas when we're making updates. We have lots of exciting improvements on the way and can't always fit them all in now.

This all being said- please respect everyone's feature suggestions. If you don't agree, kindly disagree, but if you can't discuss nicely then stay out of the conversation. It's that simple! We have written up some pretty reasonable community guidelines that you can read here: http://www.duolingo.com/guidelines


Great idea or even an accessible spreadsheet with a full list of learned words - along with stats (# of times seen # errors etc)


I'm going to have to side with adesva on this one, having been sent e-mail updates from this thread for the past 4 days. I am surprised to see the conversation turning from some members trying to provide feedback to Duolingo as to potential things that they may want to see to having some people come on and take a condescending tone to the ideas presented. If this is what the forums here are like I'm sure many people will choose not to take part and as a result the success of Duolingo will be limited as will be the learning experiences had by all on the site.

While there is a value to having a dissenting voice sarcasm and sending messages that tend to question the intelligence of the posters have little to no value in any kind of debate. On that note can we just get back to the topic??

While yes, Duolingo does provide some stats under the vocabulary a few more columns could be added to provide a little more information (I'm not a computer guy but if there's a script that runs calculations based on number of peeks, percentage right, as well as the last time seen - which means that it's all on a spreadsheet running in the background with all the stats people have mentioned which could simply be added as columns under vocab...)


+1! I just started last week and consistently miss the conjunctions. It took me 3 shots to finish the practice skill yesterday for conjunctions and was thinking just like you; add a function / game to practice consistently missed concepts. I'd go with a flash card or word / definition matching game myself that would be available if you fail to complete a section. I guess it could be triggered on an as needed basis too, if you just wanted to practice...


What an excellent idea. I would love to see that feature as well.


peeking is partly used for this as Luis explains: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/612986 still i agree that it could show your most erring words in the vocabulary list

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