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Lost all classes and xp points - still have my streak and lingots. Argh

I updated the app on my phone and accidently added learn English from German. On both the phone and my computer now I show only one class - that one - and no points even though I was at level 17 German, 7 Spanish, 7 French, 5 Irish, 5 Swedish, 3 Portugese. Argh! When I look at activity I still see everything but the classes are all gone. Is there anyway I can recover my progress? Also the whole site is in German now, which is fine but it was all in English before. Help?

December 24, 2014



Go to add a new course (beside your name on the top right corner) then you will see a button that says "I speak" (it will say this in German) change that to English, then press a language you are learning (press a low one in case it screws up) and all your courses should come back.


Thank you so much - that did the trick, just changing the "I speak" part fixed it!


It is very much supposed to be this way. I once got very scared when I (curious and stupid as I am) had changed the "I speak" to Hindi....and I thought I'd lost my dear French progress...


Weird it is showing the classes here by my name - but not for me in my profile or learning page. (Sorry Italian, I left you off my list, and inflated my Irish.)

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