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  5. "Ser du noget?"

"Ser du noget?"

Translation:Do you see anything?

December 24, 2014



Just before this one i had "har du nogen". When there is no noun in the phrase do we use nogen ot noget? Does it matter?


Doesn't "nogen" mean "someone" and "noget" "something"?


Depending on where you are, "nogen" may be used for gendered objects while "noget" is used for non-gendered objects; most use them interchangeably and do not make any distinction. I've been told other ways to distinguish when to use "nogen" or "noget", but in general, they are identical words. Most people pronounce them almost identically and I doubt you could tell the difference if you're not danish AND from the same region as the speaker and only then, only if you know the person well.


I wrote "can" you see anything - and it was rejected. In English, BOTH "can" and "do" would be perfectly acceptable in this sentence.


I wrote, "Can you see anything?" and it was rejected. In English, both "can" and "do" would be acceptable in this case.

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