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  5. "Det er et forfærdeligt bord."

"Det er et forfærdeligt bord."

Translation:It is a terrible table.

December 24, 2014



Terrible table ?

Like it's threatening you to throw the christmas dinner on the ground ?


More like it's not very good at being a table (it might be wobbly or have holes in it making things drop through)


Can it be a table of information, like the periodic table?

If some of the information is inaccurate, that would be a terrible table.

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Maybe that restaurant table, thats between the door to the toilets and the kitchen door? That is a terrible table, let's sit somewhere else?


Terrible means frygteligt in danish. Horrible means forfærdeligt..


Both are synonyms in Danish and English


Of course, the problem, however, was that horrible wasn't a qualified answer(I realise I should have emphasized that earlier).. Until now. But thanks for the answer


Could this also suggest that the food is awful?


No, not really.

You could say something like "Wow for et bord!" (Wow, what a table) as a reaction to seeing a well set table, either in a decorating sense or commenting on the amount of food on it. But it wouldn't be used to comment on the quality of the food.

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