"Var är du?"

Translation:Where are you?

December 24, 2014

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are Var and Vad pronounced the same? (Vo)


To me it's always been confusing when singing the Swedish version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". The second line is hur jag undrar vad du är in Swedish and how I wonder what you are in English. As a child I never knew if it was vad or var (since they are pronounced the same where I'm from unless they are emphasized) and now as an adult I have to sing the English version to know which one it is.


I've always thought it was hur jag undrar var du är.


Usually the -d is silent in vad, and I think it depends on dialect whether you pronounce the r or not in var. I pronounce them both as va at least.


can you please tell me the way people from Stockholm pronounce it?


Well, I am Stockholm born and raised. :D

We usually pronounce the R in var when meant as where. But when used as was, it's often just /va:/ to us.


What is the difference between "var" and "vart"?


It's much like the German "wohin"; when taken out of context, it means "to where". Both are usually translated as just "where" in English.


Am I the only one hearing "Var" pronounced as "Vår"?


The "a" is pronounced rounded when it is a long vowel: [ɒ:]. But it isn't actually the exact same sound as long "å", which is closer to [o:], neither it is to short "å", near to [ɔ]


And I'm so sorry

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