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"qui vire au moindre orage" ...meaning what?

I spotted this in a translation and I think it must be an expression. What does it mean? I suppose "become a problem"? Any ideas?

November 1, 2012



do you have the complete sentence because it's difficult to give you a good answer without the context.


Perhaps this from a translation: "Avoir une piscine chez soi, c’est un réel plaisir en été mais cela représente un travail d’entretien et exige une bonne surveillance de l’eau qui vire au moindre orage!"


I think the concept is: you must take control of the swirling waters even at the most little storm. A Paul Verlaine's poem contains "l'eau qui vire" referred to swirling streams of the rain.


It sounds a bit like a metaphor: one who changes direction at the slightest storm would be a person who is not very determined, or fails to persevere when the slightest trouble comes.


Whatever the context, 'virer' has more or less always the same meaning: to turn. Virer au rouge: turn red ; virer à droite: turn right; virer au vinaigre: turn to vinegar (litteral) and turn out badly (metaphor).


Thanks Sitesurf. CLear and simple!

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