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User native language info

Hi guys. First of all thank you for the great work you've done with this site. I would like to propose a new feature. When I read discussions about an exercise in a specific language, I find it quite useful to know if a person is a native speaker of that language. My proposition would be that every user should set it's native language in the profile and Duolingo should display the flag of the native language near the user picture, or somewhere else you think it should look nice. Anyway the website looks very good and it helped me improve my German language.

Thanks again.

July 19, 2013



Hi, lol I wanted to write exactly the same post today :-) I think it would be good feature for the community.


Thanks magicLamp76! For now, members can enter that info into your profile bio, but it won't surface in a member's flare. Good idea!


Excellent idea.

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