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  5. "Cén t- am é?"

"Cén t- am é?"

Translation:What time is it?

December 24, 2014



Should there be a gap between t- and am? To me it shows like that and it might be an error..


No. It is an error.


Go raibh maith agat


What is the verb in this sentence?

[deactivated user]

    An is the question form of the copula - An fear é = Is he a man?
    + an is combined into Cén.
    Cén fear é = What man is he?

    So for Cén t-am é

    • Think first An t-am é? = Is it a time? (admittedly not very meaningful)
    • Then Cén t-am é? = What time is it?


    I believe the verb and the definite article are embedded in 'cén'.


    I realise this was probably explained elsewhere, but why is it "t-am" instead of "am"? Thanks in advance!


    There is a fault where an underscore keeps coming in .In this case under the a in the "correct" answer and thus telling me I am wrong.I have reported this for over 50 days now with no result.Does anyone else get this annoying bug?


    Yes, that shows up in error for everyone. It doesn't look like error reports are being focused on currently.

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