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  5. "Onde fica o colégio?"

"Onde fica o colégio?"

Translation:Where is the school?

July 19, 2013



College should be accepted as well as school.


college is 'facultade'. Colégio does not refer to higher education


college can also refer to secondary school, depending on the country.


Colégio não é faculdade... colégio é high school


I'm not saying colégio, but college... Right, colégio is high school, not facultade/university (higher education)


College is usually secondary school and not higher education in English


In the US, College is never (or, almost never) secondary school, but only higher education. More specifically, college is a stand-alone undergraduate institution (2 or 4 year) or the undergraduate section of a university, or one of several subsections of a university (e.g. college of science, college of fine arts); or the buildings of such an institution. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/college

Clearly, in the UK, it can be secondary education.

As duolingo accepts both UK and US usage, "college" should be accepted here (despite the fact that it's not a correct match, in US english).


Yes, college is higher education in English. College is a two-year higher-education school. University is a four-year higher-ed school.


In the UK, Higher Education is restricted to degree courses, BSc/BA, MSc, PhD etc. A post-school college with a 2 yr course would be Further Education, but my point was that the term College is probably more frequently used in the UK for the more senior years at secondary schools, 6th form and equivalent.


'Escola' e 'Colégio' é a mesma coisa (para school)

'Faculdade' e 'Universidade' é usado para university (graduation)


You're right, colégio eleitoral is translated as electoral college in English.


But "college" as in the "university" is not «colégio». Only in very specific contexts is "college" «colégio», such as in your example.


is the use of "ficar" in this sentence a more casual way of saying "is"?? I thought ficar = to stay


Yes, it is. Since the building is not going anywhere and cannot freely move and walk to another stop, it is staying in one spot -> «ficar».


It seems that "Where is the school located ?" is a perfectly valid translation and should be accepted.


That would be «Onde está localizada a escola?».


I've always been confused with the difference between Spanish/Portuguese "colégio/escuela/escuela secondaria/universidade". I understand "escuela" means "school" in general, but what are the differences in meaning of each of the words?


Escola = school (either public or private). Colégio = school (used mainly to designate private schools), faculdade = college, universidade = university.


Thank you very much, that was easier to understand than my past 3 teachers explained it.


Good to know you got it ;) good studies...


I read somewhere that escola is a school through 6th grade and colégio means a school for students above 6th grade. Is this true?


We use escola and colégio for almost everything before college/university (faculdade or universidade). They are synonyms!


Insistem com o verbo ficar. Corresponde empregar o verbo estar


«ficar» é muito mais comum do que «estar»; de qualquer forma, acho que não usar-se-ia «estar» mas sim «ser», como os prédios/edifícios estarão no mesmo sítio e, geralmente, permanentemente

EDIT: Na realidade, é muito comum perguntar onde «está» o supermercado, os correios, etc. em Portugal


The building walks around the city. Very strange.

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