"As roupas"

Translation:The clothes

December 24, 2014



Is there a masculine version of clothes and is it spelt ( roupos )

December 24, 2014


No, "roupos" does not exist. However, "os trajes" and "o vestuário" are both masculine words for clothes.

December 24, 2014


Just remember that 'trajes' and 'vestuário' are more formal (or maybe more 'technical') than 'roupas', which is the common word for 'clothes'.

June 23, 2015


What's the difference between "roupa" and "roupas?" Is "roupa" equivalent to "article of clothing?"

February 9, 2015


Roupa can refer to a single piece of clothing, a shirt, a pair of pants.... (which is countable)
Or it can also refer to the entire suit a person is wearing.
Or even a collective (uncontable).

So, roupas is just the plural of the countable meaning.

April 25, 2015


The previous study asked for THE CLOTHES,and the CORRECT answer was--A ROUPA... I PUT AS ROUPAS and marked WRONG! :( DAN, PORQUE?

June 6, 2015


Surely "as roupas" is a correct translation.

A roupa as an uncountable thing would also be ok. Was it an exercise asking for "all" correct answers?

June 6, 2015


No, just a translation of "the clothes".

November 10, 2015


Here it is:

I found it a bit annoying too as I just automatically starting typing "as rou..." but it would not accept a plural article. For me I see "a roupa" as "the clothing" and "as roupas" as "the clothes" but, it is not my language so I do not get to make the rules.

November 14, 2018


is 'roupas' pronounced 'ho-pas' in Portuguese? Or is it a mistake?

July 29, 2016
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