"Kronprinsessan är mycket populär."

Translation:The crown princess is very popular.

December 24, 2014

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this is probably a stupid question.. But is a crown princess, someone who married the prince?


The crown princess is the princess who will become the queen as she is the eldest child of the current king and queen. Let's say that king Carl's first daughter is named Victoria. She is the crown princess as she will one day become queen. Carl might have a son named Phillip or even another daughter named Madeleine, but they would (only) be a prince and a princess as they will not inherit the throne.


Thank you! That's actually really interesting!


In Sweden it is the first born child, regardless of gender. This has recently been changed in the UK (and commonwealth), but note that before, like with the real Queen of the UK, she is only queen because she had no brothers. It is called Male Primogeniture if it is the first son, but in the case of Sweden (and the UK as of 2015) it is Absolute Primogeniture. Sweden was the first modern nation to adopt Absolute primogeniture.


Horray for the egalitarianism of a monarchy! :D


Woo. More woman CEOs :)


No, actually the Netherlands were. We have Absolute Primogeniture since 1890 (the year that king William III died) though Sweden has it since 1980, actually Carl Philipp should've been Crown Prince, which he was for three years, and after the abolishment of the Male Primogeniture, his older sister Victoria became Crown Princess


Do you know when Absolute Primogeniture was decided in Sweden?


"In 1980, Sweden amended its constitution to adopt royal succession by absolute primogeniture, displacing King Carl XVI Gustaf's infant son, Prince Carl Philip, in favor of his elder daughter, Princess Victoria, in the process. Several monarchies have since followed suit: the Netherlands in 1983, Norway in 1990, Belgium in 1991, Denmark in 2009, Luxembourg in 2011, and the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms in 2015."



Yup, I checked it, it was in 1980 ;)


Nope, I'll refer you to Wikipedia though. They know.


Thank you as I have always wondered.


In addition to the excellent answer you already got, I might add that the husband of our crown princess is called just prins Daniel despite being married to the crown princess.


But I did see on Wikipedia that is is referred to as HKH (which I found out means His Royal Highness), while the others are just referred to as Prins and Prinsessen. Is that distinction because he IS the husband of the Kronprinsessan?


The children of the King are all HRHs. Prince Carl Philip's wife was also made an HRH on her marriage and entry into the Royal Family. Unlike the others spouses, Princess Madeleine's husband did not join the royal family upon his wedding (he was and still wants to be active in business/finance) and so wasn't made an HRH. I'm not sure he's ever even lived in Sweden.


I like that Victoria and Daniel are collectively referred to as 'Kronprinsessparet' (the Crown Princess couple) on the Royal website.


is "väldigt populär" same as "mycket populär" and both can be used interchangeably?


Yes, there's no real difference.


Confession: I first became interested in Sweden and learning the Swedish language after watching Crown Princess Victoria's wedding back in 2010.


Yes, she is quite popular. The Swedish monarchy isn't entirely uncontroversial, but it still enjoys quite broad popular support.


And in Finland, too. Since we have no own royals, we like to "borrow" the ones in Sweden ;)


We have Merkel.

Close enough.


Much better because is somebody elected by the people and not by "God's mandate'


Crown Princess Victoria is my language-learning role model, as she speaks several languages. I also look up to her in other ways even though she is slightly younger than me.

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