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"Scheepvaart is altijd belangrijk geweest voor ons."

Translation:Shipping has always been important to us.

December 24, 2014



The English suggests it still is. Does Dutch have a similar expression to the French, say, where if it started in the past and continues in the present you use a present tense? Or if "has always been" has a present sense (ie has always been and continues to be), could you not say "Scheepvaart is altijd belangrijk voor ons" for "shipping has always been important to us"


Dutch behaves the same as English here: the sentence states how something was in the past without actually saying that it does or doesn't continue in the present. Continuity in the present is not made explicit.


With a present perfect you either imply continuity or importance in the present. So the better option here would be "Shipping was always important to us." Or the Dutch sentence could be changed to: "Scheepvaart is altijd al belangrijk geweest voor ons."


Is navigation an appropriate translation for scheepvaart as well?


I have the same question.


No, scheepvaart is not the same as navigation. Maybe the word shipping is a bit misleading here, as shipping in english is also used for shipping packages (via truck, car etc). Scheepvaart is a word only used for ships (boats). :) Scheepvaart means the transport of goods/people by ships.


That's essential for correctly using this word. Thanks a lot!


Not anymore. The modern meaning of navigation/navigatie is about getting bearings and plotting/following a route, and now also applies to non-ships, despite the Latin 'navis'. Originally navigare just meant 'to move about by ship'/ 'varen met een boot', and was used like 'sailing' is in modern English. The meaning has shifted.

Scheepvaart is Shipping [industry]. To ship [goods] is verschepen.


I used 'always has been' this should be correct


And how would you translate from English to Dutch "shipping was always important to us" using the perfect tense. Many thanks.


I disagree with vam1980. The translation is: "Scheepvaart was altijd belangrijk voor ons."


Also "Scheepvaart is altijd belangrijk geweest voor ons".


Or wouldn't we say "Scheepvaart werd altijd belangrijk voor ons"? But I see we aren't using the perfect tense. Anyway, what would that sentence indicate?


"Shipping always became important to us": a bit of an odd sentence :-)


If "Scheepvaart is altijd belangrijk geweest voor ons". is a correct translation of "shipping was always important for us" why is the latter not an excepted translation for "Scheepvaart is altijd belangrijk geweest voor ons".?


I would guess that Duo wants to see "has been" for "is geweest" instead of was (?).


And "Shipping industry has always been important for us" was marked wrong!

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