"The child eats fruit."

Translation:Barnet äter frukt.

December 24, 2014

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Do you just have to know when to put the et/en on the end? Or is there a rule?


It depends on the gender of the word which you have to learn for each word.


i have a question about frukt. do you say it like in english. i like fruit meaning the plural form of the noun without any articles Barnet äter frukt?


Why is it used "ett" with "Barn"? Would it be because there is no a defined gender?


Barn has a definined gender; it's neuter. There are two grammatical genders in Swedish: Common (en words) and neuter (ett words). Usually there is no logic behind the gender of a noun, but if you think about it, barn being neuter makes sense since children can be of multiple different genders.

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