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When to use IHr ann Sie for you.

I am a little confused about when it is correct to use Ihr for you and when to use Sie.

November 1, 2012



Ihr is the plural of you (du): ----- more than one person.

Sie is the formal way of you (singular and plural) ------ you use it when talking to a person or people you don't know


The different uses of Sie /sie are: Sie sind ein Mann (You (Sir), are a man) Sie sind eine Frau (You (Madam), are a woman) Sie sind Männer (You (Sirs), are men) Sie sind Frauen (You (Ladies), are women).

  • so Sie is used to formally address people you owe a formal addressing (as your boss, the teacher, the professor, in some companies your co-workers, your clients!). It is used for direct addressing in singular and plural.

Sie ist ein Mädchen (She is a girl). Sie ist eine Frau (She is a woman). "Wie ist die Milch?", "Sie ist gut" ("How is the milk?" "It is good.")

  • so Sie is used to indicate a person (3rd person) of the femal gender. A girl or a woman or a thing that is "femal" like "die Tasche" or "die Hose" or "die Milch".

Sie sind Männer (They are men). Sie sind Frauen (They are women). "Wie sind die Häuser?", "Sie sind rot" ("How are the houses", "They are red")

  • finally Sie is used to indicate all things and persons (3rd person) in plural.


ihr as in "you" (plural) is not capitalised, Sie as in "you" (formal) is capitalised.


ihr is like saying "you guys". you know like "can you guys translate this for me?" Sie is used for "she" and is used for "they"

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