Sudden difficulty

I haven't done my lessons in a couple of days so I wanted to redo my previous basics. However, when I clicked lesson 1 (same with 2 and 3) I was asked really difficult new advanced words that I swear wasn't there before. Any idea what's wrong here?

11/1/2012, 3:13:22 PM

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Duolingo seems to feed in words that you've seen in later lessons into earlier lessons if you go back to them. I was surprised at first, but I like it: if I review colors, for instance, I don't just have to stick with the same cats and elephants again and again, but now I can talk about walls and ceilings and stuff. That way you're focussing on the lesson you want, but refreshing everything at the same time.

11/2/2012, 6:03:39 PM
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