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  5. "I love myself."

"I love myself."

Translation:Jeg elsker mig selv.

December 24, 2014



The notes suggest that selv is optional. Is that not always the case? I was marked wrong for not having it (and reported it).


As a native danish speaker, i agree with Duo on this one. "Jeg elsker mig" is not something you could say in Danish. Hopefully someone else can explain why.


Well, in English we would say "I love myself", not "I love me."

How would you say "You love yourself"? Would that have to be "Du elsker dig selv" (requiring "selv")?

And "He loves himself"? "Han elsker sig selv" (requiring "selv")?


I have the same question, I really would like to get an answer, please.


no answers to the previous questions - why do you need 'selv' please???????????????


Yes this is my question as well. I noticed sometimes it is used and other times it is not. I was given to understand in the tips that it is optional and usually used to stress the idea. I guess this is one of those situations? Also it is used in the example of Vi vasker os selv før hvert måltid, but in this example, I bør vaske jer efter I har spillet, it is not used.

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