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iPhone - points until level up

Seems to me that before the most recent update I could always see how many more points I needed until the next level up, but I cannot seem to find that anymore. Was that removed in the last update? If so, I hope it comes back - it's good to see how much you have left to go!

Other than the landscape option, what else changed in the last update?

July 19, 2013



We're bringing this back soon!


What were the other changes in the update?


From the What's New section in the app store:

  • Universal app. Duolingo has been fully redesigned for iPad, the perfect device for learning! You’ll have more screen space to browse your skill tree, see friends, and type in answers.

  • More stability. This new version fixes a few rare crashing issues.

  • Landscape mode. Hold your device however you like, even Gangnam style.

  • Awesome new sidebar. With a single tap on the icon to the left of the Duolingo logo, you can now access your stats, see the leaderboard, and strengthen your skills. This spiffy sidebar is always visible on iPad.


I think there's a problem in the version for iphone, I have noticed that sometimes has recorded the score correctly when I finish the exercises. maybe something related to connection, but the system should store it in internal memory and then count the score.

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