Greek Alphabet

User panagiotis13 made a version of it but I couldnt resist to make my own because its my native language and I cannot bear to part from it.

Each letter has its own symbol and its own name. I will write how they are pronounced next to them. Greek is a phonetic language (with a few very annoying exceptions that we wont bring up now but I will go over them later, like here:$comment_id=6162042)

We have 24 letters in our alphabet (we dont symbols for j, w, b, q and we don't need c but we have other letters that need a combination of letters from the latin alphabet)

-Αα alpha as in apple

-Ββ beta v

-Γγ gamma pronounced like the y in yes

-Δδ delta pronounced like the th in they

-Εε epsilon as in episode

-Ζζ zeta z

  • Ηη eta pronounced ee as in sheep (one of the many letters that make this sound)

-Θθ theta pronounced as th as in thor

-Ιι iota pronounced ee as in sheep but can sometimes sound like gamma (special cases)

-Κκ kappa as c in cat

-Λλ lamda L

-Μμ mi M

-Νν ni N

-Ξξ xi X (from x-ray)

-Οο omikron o (like the spanish o and only like that. dont turn it into an english o it will sound wrong)

-Ππ pi P (pay attention to this one)

-Ρρ rho R (these too are tricky if your first language is a latin alphabet one)

-Σσς sigma S ( the final ς form is only found at the ends of words)

-Ττ tau T

-Υυ upsilon 'ee' from sheep (yes again I know I know...)

-Φφ phi F

-Χχ chi like the g in spanish (In words like Argentina) or if you cant make that sound go for ch/sh

-Ψψ psi as in psychologist only you also pronounce the p

-Ωω omega o like omikron

There are also certain letter combinations that are pronounced as a single sound. These are:

τσ closest english sound is ch

μπ b

ντ d

γκ and γγ as a hard g

τζ as a soft g ( or a portuguese j)

οι, ει both as ee from sheep ( we like this sound a lot it seems)

ου as oo (book)

ευ as ev or ef

αυ as av or af

Enjoy your reading!


December 24, 2014


Many thanks to you and panagiotis13 for the introduction to the Greek alphabet! I have to learn it in time for the Greek for English speakers course.

December 24, 2014

No, thank YOU for wanting to learn our language :)

December 25, 2014

Can I include this discussion on my Greek discussions directory? And merry Christmas!!!! :)

December 25, 2014

of course you can.

Χρονια Πολλα και σε εσενα

December 25, 2014

Efharistos, but they ask us to write in Greek as if we were suppose to know it, how can i do?

February 23, 2017
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