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  5. "De er dommere."

"De er dommere."

Translation:They are judges.

December 24, 2014



A way to remember this word might be that "doom" in English originally referred to "judgment" -- so judges "doom" people (i.e. they judge them).


I actually learned the word "dommerne" by watching Den Store Bagedyst. Very educative tv show.


Could anyone explain etymology of this or give some related words?


See my comment from three months ago which is currently immediately above yours.


I've seen it but I think it's a mnemonic, not the etymology or a word with a common origin (in which I was interested). Maybe your method will help me remember it, though.


I believe they are cognate.

Danish dommer is undoubtedly connected to dom "sentence, verdict, judgment, decision" (though I have no page I can point to for proof). Wiktionary says that dom comes from Old Norse dómr "judgment", which is from Proto-Germanic *dōmaz.

And EtymOnline says that English doom is from Proto-Germanic *domaz and that it has cognates including Old Norse domr.

What a dommer does is dømme "judge", which Wiktionary takes back to Old Norse dœma, and dommer itself it says is from dómari, but I have nothing that definitely links dómr, dœma, dómari.

Compare also English deem.


Mea culpa :) Looks like there is something in it. Thanks.


so Danes use one word for referee and judge? so do we in Polish - sędzia can be translated to both refree and judge


So "dommer" (judge) is pronounced exactly in the same way as "dommere" (judges). Am I right ?

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