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"I cannot accept another disappointment."

Translation:Nog een teleurstelling kan ik niet accepteren.

December 24, 2014


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Is it possible to say: Ik kan geen andere teleurstelling accepteren?


Thinking of how "not a" is translated "geen" , it's interesting that you can't say "ik kan nog geen teleurstelling accepteren" - but have to say "ik kan niet nog een teleurstelling accepteren". But who said languages are logical?


Actually both sentences are correct, but with another meaning.

  • ik kan nog geen teleurstelling accepteren: I can not yet accept a disappointment.
  • ik kan niet nog een teleurstelling accepteren: I can not accept another disappointment.

In the first sentence, 'nog' means 'yet'. In the second sentence, the combination 'nog een' means 'another one' (or maybe even 'yet another one'? I'll leave that to the native English people).


Thanks! Great explanation.

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Why is it wrong in this order: "ik kan nog een teleurgestelling niet accepteren" ? Thank you!


Today, 23 may 2020, it was accepted.

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