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"Utrecht is een provincie, maar ook een stad."

Translation:Utrecht is a province, but also a city.

December 24, 2014



can't "een stad" also mean "a town"?


Yes it can, but in Dutch, there is a rule that if a town has less than 25.000 it is more like a village (een dorp), and if it is more than 25.000 it is a city, but all of them are towns.


I don't think there really is a rule for the population size. People just grow up calling it a village or a city. Or a "gemeente" for a collection of places.


It didn't accept my translations as "town" -will report it next time!


I wouldn't, most of the time, when it says "stad" they really mean "city" but when they say "dorp" they mean ''town"


We just have two general categories, dorp and stad. Dorp is pretty close to 'village' so it is usually straight-forward to translate those 1:1, for 'stad', you get to make a decision.


Officially it is only a city when they have city rights (stadsrechten). Similar to the Uk I believe. You can be big but if you dont have city rights you aren't officially a city


From a grammatical standpoint, the portions of a sentence joined with 'but' should imply some kind of opposition or exception. It sounds weird to have two positive sentences joined with 'but' . It should either say 'Utrecht is not only a province, but also a city" or 'Utrecht is a province, and also a city'.


Why. I like tea, but I like beer aswell. Both positives. Is that incorrect?

I guess you could say that the negative (or thinking it is just that) is in the presumption

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