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Music in Dutch?

I'm into hard rock and metal and on occasion hip hop but I was wondering if anyone knew any artists of these music genres that sing in Dutch so I'm productive when I listen to music? I'll take suggestions of any genre these are just my preferred ones. Thank you ahead of time(:

December 24, 2014



I usually practice my receptive skills by listening to Disney songs in whatever language I feel like practicing. It's very helpful and the songs never get old! I especially love Tangled, Hercules, and The Little Mermaid, no shame.


Kinderen voor Kinderen on youtube! Fun and easy to understand and lots of links for more stuff to listen to and watch even if you usually prefer harder stuff.


Some previous discussions on Dutch music, there are various links to hip hop, but hardly any to hard rock/metal.

Most Dutch artists sing in English, hip hop being the exception. So the only hard rock sung in Dutch that I can think of now is by de Heideroosjes, e.g. Damclub Hooligan.


Not hard rock or metal, but here's some Disney songs in Dutch: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5UIoBwsjswPNSpUYrV7OmL

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