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Music in Dutch?

I'm into hard rock and metal and on occasion hip hop but I was wondering if anyone knew any artists of these music genres that sing in Dutch so I'm productive when I listen to music? I'll take suggestions of any genre these are just my preferred ones. Thank you ahead of time(:

3 years ago



I usually practice my receptive skills by listening to Disney songs in whatever language I feel like practicing. It's very helpful and the songs never get old! I especially love Tangled, Hercules, and The Little Mermaid, no shame.

3 years ago

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Kinderen voor Kinderen on youtube! Fun and easy to understand and lots of links for more stuff to listen to and watch even if you usually prefer harder stuff.

3 years ago

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Some previous discussions on Dutch music, there are various links to hip hop, but hardly any to hard rock/metal.

Most Dutch artists sing in English, hip hop being the exception. So the only hard rock sung in Dutch that I can think of now is by de Heideroosjes, e.g. Damclub Hooligan.

3 years ago