"E sobre àquele café?"

Translation:And what about that coffee?

July 19, 2013

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Why is there an accent on "àquele"? I mean, I know it comes from the contraction with the preposition "a" but why should this preposition be used here? Is it a mistake by Duolingo or is "sobre a" a combination of prepositions that makes sense in Portuguese?


This sentence is WRONG! I reported that.

There is no "a" preposition here. The preposition is "sobre".

The only possible way to write "sobre a" in Portuguese is when "a" is an article.

It could be "E quanto àquele café". Then it would be right, because "quanto a" exists being "a" a preposition.


I reported it as well. It should be "E sobre aquele café?"


Thanks, I thought that when reading the sentence. Maybe they mixed it somehow with "E quanto a", because there the accent would be needed!


sobre a mesa = on the table. e sobre a mesa? = what about the table?


Cool. Thanks!


Is this like...a natural sentence in Portuguese? I feel like it wouldn't be. In Spanish you wouldn't say, "Y sobre el café que?" you would just say "y el café, que?" or "Que del café?" like the sentence just sounds unnatural.


Naturally we'd omit "sobre" and say just "e aquele café...?"


Right, much like my Spanish suggestion, "Y el café?" But why is Duo teaching unnatural grammar for natural situations?


That may be just random sentence.... be sure!! You'll find more weird sentences!!


So you would never say in Spanish, "Y sobre aquél café... (del que hablamos)?"


How can we tell the difference between 'café' and 'café'?


?? If you mean the difference between the drink and the place, in Portuguese they both are the same word.


That's what I mean!


I'll I can say is context. Homonymns are common in all langugages. E.g. I'll meet you at the bank. The river bank or the financial institution?


i said, and about this cafe.." and was right..wow..was i off. at least to my standards. :p


Free translation ?


So far it has been hard for me to learn portuguese from english when my native language is spanish, but I cannot accept this wrong sentence, from all my points of view this is completely wrong. I understand they're asking about some coffee like they were asking if someone is going to accept an invitation to have some coffee for example . I need someone to explain this for me please!!!


There is no need to learn Portuguese indirectly via English. Have a look at the Portuguese for Spanish speakers course currently being tested:


In the slow audio, I hear 'e' pronounced "ay" as in "day"? I thought the correct pronunciation was "e" as in "me". Could someone please clarify?


Where does the "what" come from in this sentence construction? In which case, couldn't we just say " E o que sobre àquele café?

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