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  5. "Vil du have en karriere?"

"Vil du have en karriere?"

Translation:Do you want to have a career?

December 25, 2014



so how would one ask "will" instead want ?


If I understand your question right it would be "skal du have..."


"Vil du have" or "vil du gerne have"? I saw Duolingo use both as a correct solution to this danish question, but I don't get in the real life when we use the first, and when the second question?


They are pretty much interchangeable. :)


Would they not say. Vil du gerne have en karriere?


Both are okay. :)


Hopefully yes, thanks for asking :)


Do you want a career?

Do you want to have a career?

Would you like to have a career?

There must be a significant difference between ''Do you want to...?'' and ''Would you like to...? in terms of meaning in Danish as well.

How can you give these nuances in Danish language?


In Danish there really isn't that much of a difference. Not if you stick closely to the wording.
"To want" and "want to have" are both covered by "vil have". "Would like to have" would be "vil gerne have"

That said, all this can be expressed differently.
If "want" is meant like "wish for" you can use "ønsker". But it can sound stilted and formal depending on the situation.
"Jeg ønsker mig en karriere i militæret." - I want (wish for) a career in the military.
"Jeg ønsker at have en karriere." - I want (wish) to have a career.) To me this sounds stilted.

It could also be "at kunne tænke sig" (no easy direct translation, but means something like "to think yourself into the situation of doing/having").
"Jeg kunne godt tænke mig en karriere." I would like a career.
"Jeg kunne godt tænke mig at have en karriere." I would like to have a career.

If we ask someone for what they would like we often use this as well.
"Kunne/kan du tænke dig at se en film?" Would you like to watch a movie?
"Kunne/kan du tænke dig nogle popkorn også?" Would you like some popcorn as well?

In a formal setting a waiter could use both of the above instead of "vil have"

"Ønsker De et glas vand." Would you like a glass of water? "Kunne De tænke Dem et glas vand?" Would you like a glass of water?


I can't thank you enough for this.

Many thanks for the clarification :)

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