"I need a bag of this size."

Translation:Jag behöver en väska i den här storleken.

December 25, 2014

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A bag could also be "påse"


Yes, påse is a bag in the meaning flexible container that is open in one end. Kasse is a carrier-bag . A large bag is a säck (cf. sack).


I would suggest that the English sentence should be 'I need a bag this size' if the sentence means that the bag should have certain measurements.


We do accept that as well. Wouldn't say it's better, though - especially since I'd probably translate that as jag behöver en så här stor väska.


If it means a bag which is this size, as in these measurements, in English you say 'i need a bag this size'. As in which is this size. If you say 'a bag of this size' it suggests that you want a bag full of something which is a certain size (for example fruit or vegetables of a certain size). It makes no difference for the sentence I was commenting on as the Swedish is just a word for word translation. Just a suggestion to improve the English. I appreciate that it's a Swedish, and not and English, course.


I'm sure what you write is true for the English you speak, but it's not the case globally. I assure you that either phrase is fine in this sense.


Why not storlek


"This" in Swedish is indicated with den/det + the noun with definite endings. Or less commonly denna/dessa.

Den här storleken. Denna storlek.

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