"At the moment I am working."

Translation:För ögonblicket arbetar jag.

December 25, 2014

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Does word order matter hugely here? Why is för ögonblicket jag arbetar not acceptable?


Yes, it matters hugely :) The verb needs to go in the second place in Swedish (except in subordinate clauses and questions, but that's a different story). För ögonblicket is an adverbial and is considered one unit of the sentence. Therefore, the verb must come right after that. This is very important!


Tack så mycket för din förklaring


That's the V2 rule, correct?


Exactly. The mightiest rule of Swedish grammar!


What about "Jag arbetar för ögonblicket"? At least it conforms to v2.


Yes, that works too. (and it's an accepted answer).


Can I use "för närvarande" here?


No, that'd rather be "at present" or "presently".


but what's the difference? I thought they were interchangeable, because my language uses the same translation for both of those adverbials.


Well, sounding the same, but there IS a difference.

At the moment = right now // presently = 1) now (in these days) 2) soon


Yes, you can.


för ögonblicket is a set expression meaning 'at the moment'.

om with time expressions in the singular means 'in' as in 'after that amount of time has passed'. E.g. om en vecka means 'in a week'.


Can this be used in the comical, self deprecating sense of I am only working at this moment - For the moment I am working. ?


Yup, absolutely. You'd typically indicate it by a shift in emphasis when speaking.


I got the answer as För ögonblicket jobbar jag. Duolingo marked För ögonblicket arbetar jag as wrong.


För ögonblicket jobbar jag is another correct answer – jobbar means the same as arbetar, it's just slightly less formal. I don't know why your first answer wasn't accepted. Possibly you had some other typo without noticing, but glitches have been known to happen too. Anyway För ögonblicket arbetar jag is the main Swedish version of this sentence.


Ok thank you! I do think I may have put jag arbetar instead of arbetar jag.....but the jobbar verb threw me. Tack så mycket!


That would explain it. The machine tries to match your input to what it thinks is the closest accepted answer, but it doesn't always make the best choice from a human point of view :)


why is it för ögonblicket and not åt ögonblicket?


It's a set expression so I don't really think there's a good reason for it, but there are many similar expressions like för tillfället, för stunden, för närvarande.
åt basically isn't used in time expressions.


I used the verb arbetar but it said it was wrong. The correct answer should be jobbar (i get it, like job in english) a verb we haven`t learned yet. Why is arbetar wrong?


arbetar is correct, but the machine isn't that smart. It was probably something else in your answer that it really reacted to – maybe something to do with word order.


yup, i did it again xD i put jag before arbetar.... but the thing is that in the options under "i am working", there is no jobbar and still that is the correct answer. anyway i think i've learned it now and won't make the same mistake again. :) Thank you!!!


Hm, for somehow, nobody uses "ögonblicket" as "moment", according to my Swedish friends, it's very unpractical...


"ögonblicket" sounded very strange for me too, I'm Finnish and using duolingo to brush up on my Swedish and I know Swedish Swedish and Finnish Swedish are a bit different, but still "ögonblicket" means "blink of an eye" and the sentence does not really make sense for me. if I want to say that I work at the moment I would say: Jag arbetar just ny.


You might also say ”För tillfället arbetar jag”. That indicates a slightly longer working time than ”ögonblicket” whichs indicates a very short time period.


This is an absurdly contrived question, but let's say you're working for a corporation called Ögonblicket, inc. What proposition should I use to say that I work for the hypothetical company Ögonblicket?


And you would say ”Jag arbetar för Ögonblicket”.


But if I twist the sentance 'Jag arbetar för ögonblicket' would be also correct with the same meaning?


What's wrong with ''Just nu, jobbar jag''?


Just now I am working. And no comma after “nu”


In the spirit of the current COVID 19 times, would the negative of this be "För ögonblicket arbetar inte jag?"


För ögonblicket arbetar jag inte


So my guess to not put i at the end was wrong...i mean everyone says to do something with the v2 rule but there are many inconsistencies with that rule, making it more confusing

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