"Söder om mitt hus ligger en liten sjö."

Translation:South of my house there is a small lake.

December 25, 2014

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Why can't 'ligger' be translated as 'lies' here, i.e., 'South of my house there lies a small lake'?


I think it's a good translation. I would guess that using "lies" for "ligger" hasn't been added for all questions because it's a bit less common/colloquial. Also, it might be that Swedish uses ligger a lot more widely than English uses "lies"; I'd probably never say "the spoons lie in the cabinet", for example. Still, if anyone else arrives here with that answer (a full year after the original poster!) I would suggest reporting it.


Yes, this should definitely be accepted. To the south of my house lies a small lake is still marked incorrect as of 2017-09-23.


Absolutely. We actually had both "(to the) south of" and "lies" accepted for most answers, but they were missing in combination. Fixed that now. :)


I answered, "South of my house there lies a little lake." I got it wrong. In the correct answer, the word "lies" was replaced with "is." Can this be fixed?


Thank you, Penguin! :D


Any tips on how to say sjo?


On the sj sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvlwXQ1bDvc&t=195s On the Swedish vowels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzYArZVTD4s (there's a part 1 as well if you find this hard to understand)


Question, why is little not accepted? I said "South of my house there is a little lake". Is there a difference in words?


is it the same "En liten sjö ligger på söder om mitt hus"?


You can say "… ligger söder om …", but the sounds wrong.


Is there a word for pond in swedish?


There is a small lake in the south of my house... why is wrong?


Please see my reply to JohnPap7.


"A little lake is south of my house." is a good idiomatic translation in my opinion. "South of my house there is a small lake" is awkward. "A little lake lies south of my house." also is a good translation and allows use of a more active verb.


Why southern is not correct????

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